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Permit Expediting 

If you are a homeowner planning to do work on your home, give us a call. Once we have gathered the necessary information about your project, we can get started immediately. We provide permit expediting services for any type of construction project. We specialize in renovations of both residential and commercial properties.

When you hire Dennis Consulting LLC, we provide the following: 

 • Come out and consult you on home or commercial renovations.
 • Can provide the drawings to get the permit you need for the project.

 • Bring an architect, Auto CAD specialist or contractor for a consultation.
 • Do everything to get your permit as soon
as possible.

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Architectural Design

For architectural design services, Dennis Consulting LLC brings an architect or an Auto CAD specialist to provide consultation and make blueprints so we can expedite your  permit process.

Zoning Consultation

For zoning consultation, Dennis Consulting LLC brings our knowledgeable staff to your home or business to work with you to ensure we get your permit to start construction. We can also consult on zoning and regulatory matters.

Need assistance? Contact us!

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email.

We have experience working on DC government projects, restaurant developments, condos and retail/office constructions of over 25,000 sq ft.

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